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Oh, Rats

I know someone going through a rat infestation in their attic right now. They’ve found the main entrance and set up a webcam to monitor when the rats enter or leave. They shot one and found at least three more on camera at once. The next day, they discovered a roof leak at the same spot.

That day the leak was patched and a tunnel of glue boards was created at the entrance and that evening saw a rat on the cam trying to get in, but unable to get into the tunnel from its angle of approach.

They showed me the video clips, and it was impressive and cool to watch. It is much more cool when it isn’t your house playing host. I’d never really seen rats except pets/lab rats, so it was interesting to realize they are really just like large mice, and not the evil looking, sharp eared, red-eyed critters of the movies.

It is a shame that we can’t live in harmony with all God’s creatures, but it is very hard to communicate to them the rules for being good guests. Maybe in the new Kingdom, we’ll have that kind of relationship with them.

But until then….


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  1. These are old rat-in-house remedies: Peppermint oil, vinegar and Chamomile.

    I am NOT recommending this, but "Eisenvitriol" actually works according to my dad. SUPPOSEDLY, rats will leave to avoid the smell. The smell is noxious to more than just rats though!
    My chemistry is pretty rusty, so I don't know what it is...