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Inspiration and Discipline

Sometimes it is a real challenge to come up with something pithy every day. One thing I have heard from many book authors is that they have a discipline of writing every day, even if it is not on topic for a book. The discipline keeps the craft honed. But does the frequent dipping into the well of creativity drain it or prime it? Both, I think, at different times, but ultimately the discipline forces us to reach deeper into the well for new sources of inspiration.

 When the well overflows, I write multiple posts to save for a rainy day, or at least I keep a list of topics I think of when I do run dry. But I try not to use them and instead force myself to find something fresh.

It seems research can be that way too. Yes, there are plenty of problems to study, but what grabs you and what are you able to pursue and what can you get a grant for? Where do you go for inspiration in teaching, research, ministry, keeping relationships alive and well, in life itself?


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