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My Own Personal Matrix

If you saw “The Matrix,” you might recall that when the heroes entered the Matrix, their appearance was a function of their self-image. If only that were true. My mental picture of my physical stature is about 10 years behind the curve, according to the mirror and scale. Let’s just say that I’ve expanded my horizons.

To reconcile the two in a positive direction, I finally bit the bullet yesterday and got a membership at the campus rec center. Today was my first workout. Mildly put, it’s going to take a while for reconciliation to occur.

I used to joke that I got my exercise by pushing my luck and jumping to conclusions. So why the change? Several reasons. I need to get in shape—I don’t like feeling stiff and lethargic. I want to prevent chronic health problems down the road, some of which are starting to get close enough to warrant a mile marker sign. There’s a great facility here on campus that is reasonably priced, with semi-private facilities for faculty. I’d like to look better. Round may be a shape, but I more closely resemble an overfed snake. What pushed me over the edge is being able with a doctor’s note to pay for it with a health flexible spending account—I can get in shape at a good facility tax-free!

Leaving the gym tonight, I was tired, knowing I would feel it in the morning (even though it was a light workout, I got ‘the burn’), but felt good. The strange part was an odd sense of closeness to God as I walked to my car, like this was an act of worship. Hadn’t intended for that, but no complaints! I guess the Spirit was pleased His temple was beginning the remodeling.

About 2 ounces down, 60 pounds to go!


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  1. Imagine what happens when you try repetitive, calmness-inducing, prayer-conducive stuff like kayaking, biking, and hiking! :) Were we designed for that? Gotta love it!