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The Office of Dead Grandmothers

At a staff meeting this week, I was letting my TA’s know of a student who had been causing some problems, so they could be on alert if he got out of hand, and in the process, told them how he’d emailed me to say he’d had a death in the family and would I let him sign up late for a required oral presentation.

At this point, a senior staff member (and friend) who I remember from my undergrad days, piped up and asked if I’d referred the student to the university’s “Office of Dead Grandmothers.”


Then, today, I got a notice from the dean about another of my students who was reeling from the death last weekend of his roommate. Please pray for him and the roommate’s family.

I warn my students on the first day of class that tragedy has a tendency to strike right at the last week of classes, and that they should have a Plan B for success if it does. It never fails.


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