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Vibrant Dance of Faith and Science 2: Theology Edition

Starting next Friday, October 28 through the 29 at Sugar Creek Baptist Church in Houston, TX is the Vibrant Dance of Faith and Science Symposium, Theology Edition. The topic this year is Creation:  Biblical Options—A Gracious Dialogue. Details can be found at

Last year, the conference was a combination of scientists and theologians talking primarily about “old-earth creationism” and “theistic evolution.” This year there is a panel of theologians discussion all three primary interpretations of Genesis 1 and 2 (young earth, old earth and theistic evolution). From the flyer:

Genesis 1 & 2:
                One Creation, different interpretations;
                Different interpretations, different tensions

                How does this affect the body of Christ?
                How does this impact you and yours?

The featured speakers are: Todd Beall, Craig Blaising, Walter Kaiser (from last year’s symposium), John Mark Reynolds, Bruce Waltke, John Walton (also from last year) and others.

If you are in the area, come! I will be blogging from the conference with more detailed posts to follow, just like last year, so check back often.


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  1. More info from the organizer of the symposium, the Hill Country Institute for Contemporary Christianity:

    All UT students and those involved with ministry at UT are welcome to come to the symposium at no charge.

    Promo video: