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A Little Child to Lead Us

Today, I came across the story of Garvan Byrne, a child born in England in 1973, with a disease that ultimately took his life at age 12. What is remarkable about Garvan was the maturity of faith, outlook, poise, and nearly everything else he displayed. He did a television interview shortly before his death, and you see the form of a small boy, younger than his years, but the eloquence, faith, poise and maturity that pours from his heart is that of an 80 year old. Below are 4 videos of that interview. The first is an 8 minute edited version if you really don’t have the time. But I urge you to take the 22 minutes to see all three parts of the full interview. It has interviews with his parents and shows something of life and medicine of 30 years ago.

One of the things that drew me to him was his love of learning, his ability to communicate, and the matter of fact wisdom of his faith. I found myself comparing him to my students and in awe of where he was at half their age. What an amazing world it would be if we could raise more children with that maturity. I fear though the pain of his illness was the price of it, and wish that on no one. Yet, he remains one to be named with the saints of Hebrews 11. I look forward to meeting him Someday, and would count it a blessing to have a gardener’s hut on the grounds of his palace.

Garvan Byrne, Edited

Full Garvan Byrne, Part 1

Full Garvan Byrne, Part 2

Full Garvan Byrne, Part 3


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