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Kingship Authority

I was chatting online with someone today about the challenges of being a pastor. (He is one, not me.) It occurred to me in our conversation that one of the bigger challenges was simply the fact that we are American, and our “rugged individualism” leads us to question and diminish authority. Thus, pastoral urgings and attempts to shepherd folks closer to Christ meet more resistance than they might elsewhere or in other times. American sheep tend to have teeth! Preaching on Biblical commands and principles are viewed at best as suggestions, instead of an opportunity to repent and let one’s life be transformed. Just because I’m aware of this doesn’t mean I’m not guilty myself—I’m just as much a product of my culture as anyone else.

The implication then struck me that it will be interesting to see the attitude adjustment we will have as Americans when we find ourselves physically in the very presence of the King! Democracy? Hah! I'm sure I'll be in that group saying, "Oh! That's what kingship means..."


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