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Dedication and Honor

Today we dedicated a building on campus to the man who was university President during its conception and building. Not only was he president, he is also a chemist who used to do research in the area that was a predecessor to the subject of the building, so it is appropriate on many levels.

It is nice to see people get honored for the work they do in this world, yet I continually find myself asking internally what the lasting value of it is. Is it just a hardier laurel wreath or will the good work so and so has done last beyond the memories of those present, and even longer, into eternity. I hope so.

Still, it makes me think about the things I and my students pursue. A student today wrote in her essay on her life plans that she wanted to be an engineer for the salary and prestige her job title would bring. I gently tried to nudge her to consider more substantive goals. Paul tells us in I Corinthians 3 we are building our future Homes with the actions of this life and warns us to carefully choose the materials with which we build—precious things of permanence or wood and hay.

As educators, we have great opportunities to build well, and a greater responsibility to do so, for we build minds and spirits—the souls of those created in God’s image. Will our works lead them to light or darkness? Will our names be engraved on a building or on human hearts?

I wouldn’t mind both, but I’ll “settle” for the latter.

Day 3 Praise:  I praise God for all of the variety in the world that keeps things interesting, in particular today, the wonderfully cool weather.


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