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It’s Those Little Things

My taxes seem to be one of the things I’m worst about procrastinating on in spite of my best intentions, and the extension is up this coming Saturday. I use the time to catch up on reconciling everything from the year, assess personal finances, etc., so it’s more than just filling out some @#$@#$$%^^%$$ forms. (emphasis on the $$$$)

As I was recording receipts for the year this weekend, I noticed I was missing a lot from several months due to the relative size of the stacks. I found them quickly and when I pulled them from the folder, the size of the pile made my heart sink.

As I looked over it, gathering resolve and patience, I realized yet again the importance of the little things stealing our life’s resources, whether it is time, health, finances, relationships or whatever. Each of those little purchases seemed ok at the time, but as I look at them now, en masse, they tell a very different picture.

The amount of personal wealth that we spend day to day can really reveal why we don’t achieve those financial goals. As I look at my time and energy levels day to day, I see the same drain. Some I don’t have control over:  I need to drive to work, I need to pay my utilities, and so on. But the amount of discretionary resources that are frittered away is frightening.

If the Lord holds us accountable for every idle word we say, then in every sense, Lord help us!


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  1. I commend to you the written budget, or as I like to call it, a Spending Plan. Every dollar gets a name, on paper, on purpose, before the month begins.

    My Spending Plan is THE THING that has stopped me from nickle-and-diming myself to death, and has sky-rocketed my saving and giving.

    An unforseen benefit: I now juggle fewer receipts, as there's not much to reconcile (save for the monthly bank statements that I am no longer afraid to open) and I now file my taxes well before the deadline every year. No more extensions for me, no more shock at where my resources have gone.

    My organization has gone way up, my anxiety has gone way down, and I have more free time AND money. It was like getting a raise.

    Do it -- a written spending plan -- you'll thank yourself next April!