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A Prayer Request

Tonight’s post is a bit unusual, and somewhat bittersweet for me. I have been leading the faculty ministry at UT for several years now, and it seems to be slipping away rather than strengthening. (Perhaps the answer is as simple as the leadership or lack thereof, who knows? I’m willing to admit that possibility.) Therefore, I am asking you to please pray for the faculty at UT, and for us to have wisdom to see how God would work through us to minister to faculty and the campus.

This is not a one-off prayer request to toss one up while you read it and then forget, though I’m sure God listens to those, too. (I hope so as I’ve done it plenty of times myself.) This is a request for a repeated, fervent, long-term commitment to see God transform the faculty, believing and non-believing alike.

I am not asking for prayer for the ministry known as Christian Faculty Network—there is only one Kingdom here, and I’m not the monarch. This is a request for God to move more in reaching this group of people bound by the moniker of UT Austin. The well-advertised motto here is, “What starts here changes the world.” If that is the case, then how important must it be for the things to start here to have eternal value and impact.

Thank you.


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