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Walter Bradley: Is the Bible Scientifically Reliable?

Dr. Walter Bradley is a mechanical engineering professor with a long and distinguished career at three major institutions:  Colorado School of Mines, Texas A&M, and currently is at Baylor. His current research studies various uses of the coconut plant for improving the standard of living in tropical areas. He is also a personal friend and mentor for the last nearly 20 years.

One of his passions is studying the interface between science and Christianity. Over the last 40 years, his views have evolved from young-earth creationism to increasing sophistication in old earth theories, as his studies have gotten more in-depth.

About two weeks ago, he was in Austin to give a presentation he entitled, “Is the Bible Trustworthy in Areas Related to Science?” At the request of a friend also in the audience, Walter has sent me the slides in order to post here. Most of the slides are self-explanatory. For those that aren’t, that’s the limitation of not having the audio attached.

I hope they are useful, interesting and informative for you. (I apologize for the delay in posting this due to technical issues.)


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  1. It's interesting how Hoyle seemed to adopt an intelligent design position after his prediction of a carbon-12 resonance turned out to be true, given that he was the one who derisively coined the term "big bang."