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Title versus Testimony

Today in church, the pastor related a story that is perfect for TSR. Apparently he went to seminary in New Orleans and he and a buddy attended an African-American church in the 5th ward, the only two white boys there. Apparently, the pastor at this church, Brother Tim, would every year have a special service where the youth would come up and share their blessings from the previous year.

Given how depressed and horrible the neighborhood was, it was amazing to hear the opportunities these kids were eking out for themselves. One young man described his getting a full ride to MIT, and a young lady, holding her violin, shared about her acceptance into Julliard, and so on.

At the conclusion of these moving stories of success, Brother Tim got up, and in his full-throated Southern Gospel best preachin’ voice, would bellow out the following:

“You’re all gonna die! You’re all gonna die! They gonna put you in th’ ground. They gonna throw dirt on your face. Then, they gonna go back to th’ church and eat potato salad. So, my question for you, today, is, you may have a title, but do you have a testimony?”


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