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Supporting Those Who Assist Us

On each of our campuses are many who have as their full-time vocation meeting with students to either share the Gospel with them or strengthen them in their faith. Many of us benefitted as students from such campus ministers and parachurch staffers.

They minister to our students in ways we wish to, but often can’t, because of our position, just as there are things we can do to minister to students in ways they can’t. Whether we know them individually or not, they partner with us in glorifying God on campus.

I would like to encourage my colleagues at campuses around the globe to get to know one or more of these co-labourers in the work of the Gospel, and to even support them financially. The economy has hit them hard as their supporters lose jobs and otherwise tighten their wallets.

If you are in a position where you do not feel safe identifying with Christ, this is a safe way to have that influence on campus, and it is a tremendous encouragement to these ministers when faculty actively support them.

It’s just a few dollars to you, but for them it is a meal, rent, and a huge encouragement.


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