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I Like Love You

In way too many places to list here, Scripture commands us to love one another. One day in a Bible Study in grad school, we were discussing what this means—to put another’s needs above your own, to look out for and guard the well-being of others. I don’t remember now if someone said it, or if it clicked for me—that doesn’t mean I have to like that person or be feeling warm and fuzzy towards them at the moment. The love commanded is that of action and attitude, not emotion.

What has made this stick for me is how surprised I was at the overwhelming relief I felt. I can serve them, even graciously, even if they are not my favorite people, even if they are difficult and annoying, I can still show them love by guarding their well-being, whether physically, emotionally or spiritually. I can even do this willingly and not grudgingly, because they are a human created by God, and, if a Christian, a brother or sister in the Lord.

What is interesting is that when obedience to God’s commands is performed, even when ‘our heart isn’t in it,’ eventually our heart comes around.

Sometimes it is easier to say “I love you,” than it is to say “I like you.” Once more, God turns our expectations upside down.


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