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The Songs of Creation

Originally, this was going to be a Lagniappe item as I sometimes do. But as I watched it again with one of my students, I decided it was worth a full post. Louie Giglio is a well-known evangelist who likes to find cool things in science that seem to support Scripture. While he is clearly not a scientist, this is a particularly interesting and cool synthesis of whale song, pulsar signals, and a praise song.

What I like about this is how it shows a dimension of Creation that is just now accessible to us as creatures. God promises in Scripture that His wonders are beyond even the conception of our imagination. Honestly, I questioned this given the fertility of our imaginations through literature such as fantasy and science fiction that bring truly fantastic things to life.

Then, we discover something like this. All of a sudden, I am very curious and excited to see what manifold dimensions of wonder He awaits to reveal to us. We have all of eternity. He promises it will be worthwhile. I’m starting to believe it.


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