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Words and language
Sentences and paragraphs
Thoughts and attitudes
Action and transformation

Communication binds a culture together and frees individuals from isolation.
Words lift heavy hearts, condemn the proud and guilty, motivate the apathetic, slow the impulsive.
The mastery of language, its style and structure, inspired the adage “the pen is mightier than the sword.”
We treasure, revere, the words that move us.

Ideas flutter helplessly in the mind without the enfolding, invigorating medium of clear speech.
Few are the literary lodestars born blademasters of wordplay.

Full immersion into the depths of literature intubates the mind with the pure oxygen of eloquence.
Inhale deeply, O thou short of breath!
Exhale the overflow of your spirit!

Let apathy never deprive our children full passage of their potential to move hearts through command of their native tongue.

Get ‘em to read!
Teach ‘em to write!


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