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Collegiate Day of Prayer

This Thursday, February 23, is the National Collegiate Day of Prayer. It is a 100 year old tradition of praying for and over our colleges and universities. Many churches and student groups are participating. Many people will be fasting from sundown Wednesday to sundown Thursday.

With many economic prognosticators claiming higher ed and student loans are the next economic bubbles to burst, and the spiritual climate on so many of these campuses, it is well worth your time to go before the Lord at length on this day.

Our universities are the gathering places for world leaders, past, present, and particularly, future. How can we not go before the God of all Nations and intercede on behalf of the saints in classes with the pillars of this world’s system?

As a faculty member, I can say with grave certainty, we are in need of prayer. Pray for us.

On any given week, there are readers from at least 15 countries. All of these nations have some of their citizens at many of these campuses, who will one day return and impact their homeland. Pray, therefore, for your fellow countrymen, that they may find the fruit of the Gospel growing in their hearts because of their time here.



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