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The Zone

When an athlete is making every move count and no one seems able to stop them, we say they are “in the Zone.” They are focused, all cylinders are firing perfectly, distractions don’t, and productivity is at a max. What is most interesting about ‘the Zone’ is that it is usually temporary, often in both time and space. The better and more a person can keep themselves in the Zone, the more rewarding it is.

Training and discipline seem to be two keys for maximizing that, but there are factors unique to each person that affect where and when and how they get into the Zone. I have discovered that for me, I tend to need a set of fairly well defined tasks whose progress is easily measured. I tend to find the Zone most easily in my office on campus after 5 or 6 p.m. When in the Zone, I can keep the pace up often for 6-8 hours or more. The downside is that it is rather late when I call it quits and I’m rather tuckered out at the end, but I got a lot done in that time.

Often is the time I wish that my Zone occurred after 5 or 6 am and still continued for 6-8 hours. I don’t know why I focus better in the evening. If I’m at home at that time, I want to unwind and kick back. It needs to be in my office. But knowing this about myself, I can plan accordingly.

When and where is your Zone? How have you been able to expand or change it to suit your needs?


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