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I started this blog in late September 2010 in my role as facilitator of the UT Christian Faculty Network as a way of building community and resources for faculty who were unable to come to our weekly gatherings, and realized quickly that being an online asynchronous resource meant that it could reach faculty (and others!) around the world, and that has both borne out and borne fruit, a very exciting development.

After about four and a half years or so of leading the UT group, I have stepped down from that position, effective with the end of this semester. A main reason for doing so is simply to take a break. Another reason is to allow and encourage others to step up and try new ideas. This is something I’ve been planning to do for about a year, so it is neither sudden nor due to a sudden problem in the group.

I will continue to be very active in CFN, and of course, this change will have no impact on the Scholar Redeemer. I just felt it appropriate to communicate to you, the readers, of the change in my role in the group, as evidenced by the updated profile to the right.

I am looking forward to having additional time to focus on other things, including forming and implementing new ideas into my teaching duties, some of which may find their way here.

Please continue to lift our faculty ministry, those at other institutions, and faculty in general up in prayer. We all need it desperately.


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