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The Age of Discovery

One of the greatest pleasures of Creation is exploring it. Whether it was the land exploration that occurred for much of human history, or the exploration of the seas during the colonial eras, we have sought out the mysteries of the natural world. Today we are exploring space and the bottoms of the deeps with ever more sophisticated tools and even direct human exploration. Our chemists, physicists, and engineers are exploring the atomic world and learning how to build a molecule an atom at a time.

One of my greatest prayers is that in Kingdom Come, we will still have natural wonders to explore. I hope to be able to look over at Christ one day, and say something to the effect of, “Hey, Let’s go explore Neptune today!” And we’d fly through the void of space without spacesuits and he’d explain the history of the planet, why He created it in the first place, and He would hold things back so I could discover what surprises lurk. Such giving and receiving of surprise gifts like that is a sign of love, and there is a whole universe of love to discover.

Here’s the clincher—even after exploring the infinity of space, God Himself is an undiscovered country whose farthest reaches we cannot find, yet He longs passionately to share them with us. Is eternity long enough?

Day 17 Praise:  The mightiest works of man, the most glorious of creative expression we can dream, are like a blank page before the wonders of the Almighty.


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