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Please Pray For Rain!

Today’s topic is a bit different, and urgent.

My area of Texas, as I’ve written before is officially under extreme drought conditions. Lakes are less than half full. And today, due to a combination of a cold front moving through and the (DRY!) remnants of tropical depression Lee, we have had severe high winds that have fanned flames of many wildfires. I live near a county line, and both of those counties have been overwhelmed by fires.

One fire has burned over 14,000 acres and is not contained at all in the next county (Bastrop) and has destroyed over 300 homes so far.

In my county, Travis, multiple fires in three corners of the county have destroyed numerous homes, but were smaller fires and have mostly been contained, though some not completely.

For now, there are none anywhere near my home, though some earlier were less than 10 miles away, so I have much for which to be thankful.

The weather patterns this summer have done some strange things. Large storms just vanish when they get close to the San Antonio-Austin corridor. A week ago, we thought TD Lee was going to hit here and give us lots of rain. Instead it went to Louisiana and gave us high winds and not a drop, causing fires to be much worse.

There are readers of this blog from literally all over the world. I ask all of you to join with us in prayer for relief from this drought and the fire hazards. Please pray that firefighters may safely contain and put out the fires. We are facing water shortages if things don’t change soon. Please pray for the Father to give us rain.


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