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Fred on the “Dawning” Dark Ages

For your reading edification tonight, I offer the following article. His eloquent curmudgeonery is as razor sharp as it is politically incorrect. Yet he is right on. If I could wave my wand over our nation just once, high on the short list of magicked transformations would be that the classic love of the truly educated, disciplined mind would well up in the springs of the hearts in this culture. Education today is valued merely to the extent of the size of pay stub it will bring one, not for the freedom and enlightenment it brings to humanity.

If I had to guess why our culture lost a higher view of education, I would say that education lost its soul. It became a machine through which we grind our children rather than the exploration of the mystery of what it means to be human, in all its beauty and all of its depravity, so that the better we know ourselves, the better we appreciate God and the higher things He offers us. Education without spirituality is dead. Spirituality without education is either stagnation, anarchy or mere ritual. There is a reason that wherever education has flourished in a new area, it is at the hands of missionaries.

And now, from Fred on Everything, “A Culture in Regression.” {My favorite word was "enstupiation." Classic!}


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