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My subdivision is in a semirural area with hayfields, pastures and brush all around. Most of Texas is in a severe drought right now, and the ground is beyond parched. There are cracks in my back yard that are several inches wide and nearly a foot deep. It’s dry.

Today, a tractor harvesting hay in a nearby field somehow sparked a fire, that with the high wind, sent the flames within a few hundred yards of our homes.

The neighborhood kids were all excited about the commotion, but I think most of the adults were apprehensive, and unsure of how to respond, so they just watched and hoped.

Multiple fire departments responded, including two helicopters dropping water, and within two hours had the fire contained even though it had spread over at least 25 acres.

I am grateful to the men and women who responded to the need on our behalf. All we could do was dampen the ground, fences and structures, and they actually faced the fire and wind, head on, trying to create fire breaks and watch for flare ups.

I don’t have a big deep spiritual message today. It was a good reminder of how small we really are compared to what nature can do quickly under the right conditions. However, I am mostly just grateful that people are willing to meet these potential disasters head on, that people have invested time, money and blood to learn how to fight nature’s whims and tame, even subdue them.

Thank you.


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