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Chances are you are reading this on some type of electronic device:  desktop computer, laptop, smart phone, PDA, tablet, kindle, nook, maybe even a giant plasma screen in downtown Tokyo (I can dream).

Electronic devices really only need a processor, memory storage and power supply/regulation. However, they wouldn’t be much use to us, because we don’t speak in ones and zeroes. In order for electronic devices to be suited for human use, HIDs, or Human Interface Devices are required. These may be keyboards, mice, screens, touch screens, or other input/output device. With HID’s we can work with electronic devices to do innumerable tasks, including writing and reading blogs.

Now, just because these are HID’s doesn’t mean that humans are the only ones who can then interact with the electronics. A cat can walk across the keyboard and input characters. (How many cats laying on keyboards does it take to produce a graduate thesis in probabilistic philosophy?)

A few years ago, researchers discovered certain areas of the brain, that when electrically stimulated, caused the subject to have ‘religious experiences.’ Aha! Proof that even religion is mechanistic, biochemical, evolutionarily derived phenomena.

That is one possibility, but it is not the only one. Another is that those areas of the brain were created as GID’s, or God Interface Devices, and the researchers are cats walking across His keyboard. It is logical that if there is a spiritual realm, and there is a spiritual Creator that desires to interact with His physical Creation, this Deity would hardwire a means for doing so.

Is that the only other explanation? I don’t know. I suppose we could come up with a third alternative (or more), but the important point is that a naturalistic explanation isn’t the only possible one.

There is a big, immediate objection on the lips of most every atheist reading this. Come back tomorrow to discuss it.


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