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Unexpected Evangelism

Today, a student from a Middle Eastern country met me for lunch and proceeded to share the ‘gospel’ of Islam with me. It was an interesting experience as he tried to explain how Judaism, then Christianity, then Islam all contain the same message but in a progression, and that the Quran tells the story of that progression.

It was hardly convincing, but did give me an insight into understanding the Quran better. Years ago, I bought an English/Arabic copy and began to read it out of curiosity to understand Islam better post-9/11, but did not get far due to it making so little sense to me. Perhaps I can go back and try again with this insight.

I do not believe Mohammad was a prophet of God, but that so many do make him worth studying and understanding. I do appreciate this student caring enough to share his heart with me. Due to time and language barriers, I was not able to return the favor, but perhaps that time will come.

Pray with me that God will place people like him in each of our paths. Luke 10 calls them ‘people of peace,’ and says that such are our hosts into new communities looking to hear about the message of Christ. They are neither projects nor conquests, but fellow human beings we have the privilege of getting to know during the journey of life. That we may have the opportunity of sharing the hope within us is icing on the cake.


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