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Ministry Ideas

Even though it is only June, I am starting to begin to maybe think about what the faculty ministry here will look like in the fall. What will we do? How can we engage ‘lurkers’ in our fellowship who are on our list, but otherwise seem to be ‘silent partners?’ How can we effectively and with sensitivity seek out other faculty who may be interested in fellowship or even in asking questions about issues of faith in a safe environment? How often will we gather? Will we attempt any ‘major’ events? How can we stand up for Christ on campus in a winsome way that seeks reconciliation?

More fundamental questions are: Where and how is God already moving on campus and how is He inviting us to participate? How can we be more faithful and fervent in prayer (one of my greatest weaknesses)?

I am inviting suggestions and comments, preferably from other faculty, both in the States and around the world. What has worked for you and what hasn’t? If you know why, please share that also! Let’s make this post a forum for sharing ideas among the worldwide body of Christian faculty.


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