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Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Tonight, I found out a friend of mine is working towards starting her own matchmaking business. It is in the very earliest stages, and she is starting by interviewing friends of both genders, asking them what they want in a spouse, personality-wise and physically. She then will name several mutual friends and ask the interviewee what is/is not attractive about them. A bit risky, but I can definitely see how that helps create a picture with which she can make comparisons. I’m interested to see how this would work on a larger scale.

I have long thought that evangelism is like matchmaking. We know Christ personally, and we introduce Him to others and try to tell them the things about Christ that we think are most appealing to the other person. Then we tend to step out of the way and let the relationship go its own way from there, though we are available for ‘consults’ when needed. We do it, not just because Christ calls us to in the Great Commission, but because we see it as a good fit for the other person.

Yes, there are some differences, but there are some key similarities. It is not the matchmaker’s fault if the couple doesn’t click. It is still a relationship between Christ and the other person—our job is just to make the introductions. Christ is perfectly capable of wooing His own. We can help, but it isn’t up to us to make it work, and to me, that takes a lot of the pressure and fear off of sharing my faith. We don’t save people, Christ does. He honors us by involving us and yet takes our meager efforts and does wonders with them.

What an idea—we have the opportunity to set God up with folks and to set people up with God. Not a bad gig.


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