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Left Behind

The “Left Behind” series and the like came to mind this evening. Regardless of your take on their literary quality or theology, they proved to be masterly impactful on not just the church but our society as a whole. I truly believed God worked through them to draw people to Himself. But that’s not what I want to write about.

The thought that has buzzed through my brain this evening is that should the pre-millennial, pre-tribulation rapture view of end times be correct (and that is the direction my theology leans), what will be the impact of my sudden absence?

One might think the same thing about any sudden/accidental death that might remove me from the scene, sure, but I’m being specific here—should millions of people suddenly ‘vanish’ and I were one of them, what would be the response of my colleagues? My students? Others in my community?

Would they be surprised that I was one of those ‘religious’ people? More importantly, as they sifted through all of the competing theories on the cause of the disappearances that would be flooding the news, would their understanding of who I am help draw them to the correct conclusion? Is my life such that my sudden absence would not merely be a significant inconvenience to my department as they cover my classes, not merely possibly sadden a few, but point clearly to the truth of the Gospels and Scripture because I, myself, am one of the missing?


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