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Wrapping Up

I don’t know about you, but when I was a student, I hated the last few weeks of the semester. As a procrastinator, it meant time was up and it all had to be done, NOW. I realize many, if not most, students are like that, and try to design my class accordingly, making different stages wind up at different points. There is still a rush at the end for many, but they no longer are able to be faced with a whole semester’s worth of work to do in two weeks. It also makes my TA’s lives easier because they aren’t faced with as big of an avalanche of grading bad reports thrown together at the end.

The funny thing is, I still have trepidation about the end of the semester, though, thankfully, I can meet it with more joy than anxiety. There are certain tasks I just cannot do ahead of time, so they all come together at the end. That wouldn’t be too bad, except I also have to deal with the panicked students who are realizing they aren’t passing a one hour class required for their degree.

Thankfully, in general, each semester I’m more organized and have less that I’ve forgotten to set up. This frees me up to meet with students with grace and willingness, and less frustration.

In the comments section, please share your end of semester tips, traditions, favorite/horror stories, and even fears.


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