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Student Sabbaths

It just occurred to me that one way for us to demonstrate our faith to students, TA’s, and our research team is by giving them regular Sabbaths. As Christians, we are not under the Law, however, the Lord did teach the disciples and Pharisees that the Sabbath was made for us. In short, God created us with a need to rest and recharge, and dictated that it should happen weekly.

Today’s academic rat race pushes everyone to burn the candle at six ends. How can we creatively work our classes and research schedules such that we encourage those for whom we are responsible to actually take those breaks? At the very least, to take the breaks from the work we give them, as we have little control on their duties for our colleagues?

This thought occurred to me as I was contemplating the short holiday week we have this week. Often, faculty tend to have major assignments due the Monday after Thanksgiving, with the idea that the students can use that time to finish up. I’ve always tried to have things due before Thanksgiving, so they could then hopefully relax and enjoy their time with family/friends before the last push for finals. Furthermore, have them due on Monday rather than Wednesday. This way they aren’t pulling all-nighters then driving home across the state. (I did this preparing for my last final one semester and very nearly was in a bad accident. I woke up just before I drifted into another car. Praise the Lord!)

It really amazes students when we do things that take their situations into account. What a ministry opportunity!


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