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The Vibrant Dance of Faith and Science

Starting tomorrow, Tuesday, October 26 through the 28 at Grace Covenant Church in Austin, Tx is the Vibrant Dance of Faith and Science Symposium. Details can be found at

Often when science and faith are discussed, it is people of faith reaching out to scientists and academics. In this case, it is Christian academics reaching out to the church, particularly the clergy and sharing many of the variety of Christian attitudes towards science and origin of life/universe issues.  Some of the speakers are appearing on stage together for the first time and some of them have had rather critical things to say of each other in the past, so this is a remarkable event. Registrants come from at least 15 states and the speakers are international caliber and internationally known.

If you are in the area, come! I will be blogging from it this week, so will likely have multiple posts per day, depending on internet access, so check back often.


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