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A Matter of Time

A reader commented in an email that the obvious fallacy in my last post is that the 'miraculous' foreknowledge possessed by Moses of the plagues becomes meaningless if the foreknowledge is written into the story after the event. So then the question becomes one of manuscript dating/authenticity, etc. Many books have been written about this topic, both pro and con. (Ecclesiastes 12:12 is a favorite verse to share with students near finals!)  There are so many questions about the veracity of faith, as soon as one is 'answered' another arises to take its place. When did the 'prophets' know their prophesies and can we really know for sure? According to scholars, some probably and some probably not. What about 'dual-fulfillment' prophesies where there was a fulfillment soon after the prophecy was made, and one claimed by the Gospels for Christ centuries later?

Is it a matter of faith? Is it obvious? I don't believe in 'blind faith', and in fact, kind of resent the term. Our faith should be based on evidence and the Bible invites it repeatedly. ("Taste and see that the Lord is good," to name one.) Our students and colleagues aren't afraid to ask questions, and they have different motives behind them, from genuine searching to demonstrating intellecualism to smokescreens. What about our own questions that we still have? In law, conviction is obtained when a jury is convinced 'beyond a reasonable doubt.' In my life, the evidence I've seen, through events, through the historicity of the Bible in many areas,  and so on, has given me confidence that in the areas where I don't have enough data to answer the questions, I believe the answers are there.

When people prove themselves consistent and trustworthy, then it is good and right to give the benefit of the doubt. Is it certainty? No. But belief and trust are reasonable, and in fact, are still the basis of most human relationships/interactions. As the Biblical God is a Person who seeks relationships with us, it seems reasonable to give Him the same criteria, and He's met it for me.


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