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The Book-Signing celebration was a success. About 60 people attended, including ten of the twelve authors. The biggest surprise of the night was the arrival of Dr. Morse Tan, a dear friend and colleague in Law who left UT a number of years ago and is now teaching near Chicago.

The conversation was wonderful and people were drawn in, including a grad student candidate from Minnesota who was visiting the campus and saw our ad in the school paper. You never know the reach simple things can have.

I want to thank people who made the evening not only possible, but even a success. First, the authors:  Daniel A. Bonevac (Philosophy), David L. Bourell (Mechanical Engineering, who shared how contributing to the book has impacted his life), Ann T. Brown (Communication Science & Disorders), John R. Cogdell (Electrical & Computer Engineering, Emeritus), Donald G. Davis, Jr. (Library History, Emeritus), Martin W. Kevorkian (English), Richard R. Neptune (Mechanical Engineering), Marvin Olasky (Journalism, unable to attend), Steven D. Reese (Journalism, unable to attend), Morse Tan (Law), and Don Winget (Astronomy).

Thank you to Dr. Marv Hackert for the cover photo.

Also, thank you to Ginny’s Publishing, particularly Terry Sherrell, our account manager, who joined us tonight, and Rebecca Bretz (Graphic Design). Mrs. Betty Oliver, our editor, with whom it was a delight to work.

THANK YOU to Hill House and its directors, Greg and Mary Jane Grooms, for the stupendous job of hosting. Thank you to Jennifer Parks and Lauren Lovering for their help in setting up, keeping the food service smooth and “womaning” the book table. Great job ladies!

A deep and personal thank you to Don Davis, who spearheaded the project, spending five years pulling our teeth to get us to put our stories on paper. This is truly his labor of love. You did it, Don!

Finally, thank you to the Lord for bringing it all together, and in advance we thank You for the impact you will have (and are having) through this volume. Soli Deo Gloria.


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