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A Wrinkle In Time

Science fiction is often an expression of the gadgets and abilities we wish we could have—time travel, warp drive, teleportation, invisibility/cloaking devices fill tomes of dashing adventures, and to my knowledge, all of them, except the first, have been achieved…in some fashion.

We have recently found ways of making things go faster than light (at the subatomic level). We have also teleported subatomic particles and information both. Now, scientists have managed several new techniques of invisibility, including making something happen without it being observable—basically making that moment of time invisible.

As the link describes, imagine being able to walk into a crowded museum with the highest security technology available, grabbing some priceless artifact and walk out, and no one, including the laser tripwires will be the wiser—the object will have just vanished.

Cool trick….if you can do it in a trillionth of a second.

That’s about how long the ‘cloak’ lasts, in a fiber optic cable, another ‘wrinkle’ in the heist. Not many museums of priceless artifacts are kept in fiber optics.

Still, it is truly amazing how the immutable laws of physics have remarkable loopholes, once you find them. I find it almost a worship experience when such things are discovered. I can imagine how God uses these ‘loopholes’ like a maestro to accomplish spectacular things, such as the biblical miracles.

However, what is even more amazing and wonderful to me is how He uses the laws He wrote in straightforward ways to do astounding and beautiful things:  DNA is a complex dance of five small elements—hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and phosphorous—that contain all of the information needed for complex living organisms to self-reproduce and maintain themselves. Light interplays with a simple chemical, water, to form the beauty of rainbows. Similarly, a simple mineral, sand, with the addition of trace amounts of impurities and the right conditions form the vast majority of the different colored gemstones we value so much, with the most valuable, diamond, being composed only of carbon. And on and on and on…

I then marvel how He has not only shared these marvels with us, He’s given us the ability to appreciate and enjoy them, and to even anticipate them, so that we dig to learn more. These aren’t proof of His existence, much less His hand moving in our lives today, but they are evidence for, data points.

They can be interpreted naturalistically, especially taken individually. However, as an ensemble, they build towards a crescendo of Divine revelation, experience, and love for His creatures.


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