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As we’ve looked at recently, Advent is a time of preparation. We prepare for all sorts of events. For me, a time of preparation is at an end. Part of our chemistry building is completing a renovation, and I am privileged to move my teaching labs to some of the new space.

We move today, so the last week has been a lot of packing, moving small things, and getting ready for an army of movers to transport everything up two floors. Essentially, everything is ready, and all that remains is to direct the troops…

…and then prepare again.

Everything needs be unpacked, reassembled and tested that it works before the next term starts.

Benjamin Franklin quipped something to the effect that the only constants in life are death and taxes. I would add change to that list. I would also argue that life is a series of preparation for events, and then the event, and then preparation for the next event. To keep things interesting, sometimes multiple events and preparations overlap, providing a nonlinear experience.

Yet, really, this entire life we have to live is but preparation for eternity. Our 70ish years in the flesh are but our gestation in time before our birth into the forever.

And after that, who knows what we will prepare for while serving an infinite eternal God?


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